The Story Brand

Our brand was founded in memory of Grace Enaka Bessong Tambe, the late mother of our founder. Enaka was a confident women, but because of the looks and comments of others, she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin. She started to question herself and insisted on having surgery to match society's "concept of beauty“.

When ENAKA first launched in 2012, we made a promise of what it was going to be. Ever since we have focused on keeping that promise. It's about getting across a perspective by creating something of meaning and encouragement. Every piece we put out is the platform that our idea is living on. It's the codes of self-realization. The codes of who you are. A reset of mentality. An abstract concept that communicates from the inside out.

It's a reminder to maintain individuality in a world that is driven by expectations, patterns and norms. Things that don't add value to the culture. Things that are based on separation to constantly determine your ideals. Every time someone takes a different approach to their appearance, vision or mindset, society points fingers. So what are we getting all the rest of the time?


The Background Story (2012)

The original story video was first published in late 2012 as an in-depth interview with the founder of our brand, Richmond Bessong. In which he opened up about the loss of his mother, the question he kept asking himself ever after and how this tragedy formed the foundation of the brand.


The Story Design

Our background story is being portrayed in the Story Design. It stands for equality and serves as the symbol of our brand identity. The illustration was created in 2012. Back then, it was primarily printed on t-shirts. Over the years, it became a much-loved, permanent part of our collections.


The Production Journey

Our products are designed and developed in our studio, then hand-made in Turkey, under our supervision, to ensure the highest quality of fabrication, texture, proportion, fit, silhouette and color. Every order is hand-packed and dispatched from our headquarter in Germany.


The Team

Kevin Spalek (Co-Founder) & Richmond Bessong (Founder)

ENAKA Clothing by Kevin Spalek & Richmond Bessong