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Statement by the ENAKA Co-Founder: Future of the Brand

For those that didn't watch the Tribute Video all the way through, I'm posting my closing statement in text form.

ENAKA Co-Founder Kevin Spalek about the future of the brand:

Appreciation to those that really supported us over the years. Forgiveness to those that gave us nothing but empty promises. I will forever carry these memories in my heart. The good ones as a blessing, the bad ones as a lesson.

Thank you, Richmond, for trusting me with your vision. For believing in me to take your idea to new heights. For allowing me to find myself as an artist. For sharing your network with me. For letting me practice my skills on your platform. For giving me creative freedom. For being my brother.

I would love to know, where we could have taken this brand together. But at some point I just have to let go of what we thought should happen and live in what is actually happening. The thought to continue what you started, definitely crossed my mind, and even though, we established this brand together, it doesn't feel right without you.

If one day your family wants to continue your legacy, the stage is theirs, as I'm clearing the path in June 2020. My personal journey in the fashion industry is far from over. Despite the current circumstances, I'm going to release a new brand in October 2020.

For those that are doubting me: Think twice. There is a reason why Richmond trusted me with his brand for more than 7 years. Ask his closest friends. They know.

Richmond, when the day comes, and I see you again, I will tell you all about it.

To honesty, integrity & loyalty.

ENAKA 2012 - 2020

Your brother,





Special thanks to those who contributed over the years:

Björn, Lord, Franci, Ethel, Agus, Laura, Luke, Dudi, Ismail, Phil, Mervan, Denny, Max, Lisa, Rani, Bob, Rey, Marva, Adem, Volkan, Serhad, Sara, Loris, Ledri, Kobosil, Ali, Iman, Maejor, Kanye, Emmanuel, Tjay, Lizzow, Karim, Red Café and many more.

ENAKA Richmond Bessong Kevin Spalek