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Behind The Scenes: German Design meets Turkish Quality

As the brand that we are, with a background story like ours, we need to stand for timeless quality.

All of our products are designed and developed in our studio, then hand-made in Turkey, Istanbul. Every step is being done under our supervision, in very close cooperation with our highly experienced producer, whom is located in Berlin and Istanbul, enabling us to work side by side, day by day. Our relationship ensures the highest quality possible. Every detail is considered, from fabrication, texture, proportion and fit to silhouette and color. 

Our collections are made from turkish cotton, which is considered to be one of the strongest, yet softest cottons worldwide. It´s high amount of threads makes it extra tight, giving it a luxurious look and a very absorbent texture. 

ENAKA t-shirts are made from a heavier-than-normal single jersey. Pre-washed and carbon brushed turkish cotton ensures a super soft feel and long-lasting fit. Wash after wash, wear after wear. 

Our hoodies feature a double layered hood made from our t-shirt single jersey, ensuring an optimum hold, comfy fit and thicker-than-usual look. The bottom cuffs of our hoodies and sweaters are ironed in a specific way, making it wider, guaranteeing the perfect fit to layer.

Every top- and bottomwear piece features cotton lycra knit cuffs to avoid pilling. Every print is pigment printed, using covered colors, making it a minimalistic, yet meaningful detail

Our jeans is manufactured from a strong yet soft stretch denim fabric, composed of turkish cotton and elastane. It´s laser cut, stone-washed and hand-destroyed. Every jeans comes with logo embossed details made from leather and zinc metal. All of our metal accessories are nickel-free.
Our knitwear is manufactured from a extra soft 50/50 cotton acrylic blend. Giving it a lightweight feel, yet "floating and sagging" appearance.
The current and upcoming leather goods are made from suede genuine leather. Every piece is hand-crafted in one of the best manufactories that Istanbul has to offer. 
Watch a video trailer of the ENAKA production journey via our vimeo channel.
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