Behind The Scenes & Spotted: ENAKA meets Kanye West at YEEZY Office – ENAKA®


Behind The Scenes & Spotted: ENAKA meets Kanye West at YEEZY Office

Behind the scenes & Spotted: After receiving nothing but love from US-based artists, athletes and customers, we decided to finally take ENAKA across the pond for a five-week-trip to Los Angeles.

This included meeting Kanye West at his DONDA/YEEZY office in Calabasas, which was an absolutely overwhelming experience.

Richmond Bessong: "All it took to meet Kanye was patience. Kev & I had created a booklet as a review of our brands history incl. all the ups and downs, then flew out to LA for a couple of weeks to challenge luck. Sharing my story with Kanye has been one of my goals ever since creating the brand in 2012. Most people don't know why Kanye's creative agency is called DONDA. It's in memory of his late mother. His song "Hey Mama" was a major inspiration for me as a person and for ENAKA as a brand. It helped to persevere through the struggle."

"Kulture Hub New York said: If you can take a negative experience, absorb it, flex through it, and use its influence to create something positive, you have honed a new kind of strength many wish they had." "That's why we felt like sharing our journey with Mr. West. Only those who went through it, will be able to understand."

"Long story short: We are more than thankful for being asked into the office, to share the whole story and collection with Ye's collective. It was more than we could have imagined. The level of appreciation can not be put into words. My Mama smiled. Amen."

We also paid a visit to the Lush Network showroom in Downtown (one of the hottest agencies in town), joined the Open Mic at Celebrity Centre Garden Pavilion and gave press interviews throughout the trip. Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for having us, LA. Until next time. Pictures below. 

ENAKA Clothing Richmond Bessong w/ Kanye West at DONDA Office in Calabasas

ENAKA in Hollywood, LA

ENAKA at Open Mic in Hollywood, CA, USA

ENAKA visiting Lush Network in Downtown, LA

ENAKA road trip Hidden Hills, LA

ENAKA at Malibu Beach Los Angeles

ENAKA Richmond Bessong at Hollywood Walk of Fame